dinsdag 25 november 2008

Why did I ever get an SL-account?

That's a story that tells a bit about me. About 2 years ago the media was all over virtual worlds and especially over Second Life. Television programms spent a lot of time on this matter. All pros and cons where set against eachother and in the end all media somehow came to the conclusion virtual worlds such as Second Life could only bring harm to the people in it!

It would bring them into all kind of problems, such as loosing touch with their Real Life, spending way to much time on Second Life, it would get people in financial problems for you can spend real money to get you some Second Life Lindens (those you really need to not look like a n00b all your Second Life) and don't forget about the addictive force Second Life seems to have!

Since I'm not the one taking warnings like that for granted, I desided to get me an account myself. So I downloaded the program, got me a nice name (1 of the hardest things to do when you get your account, btw) and dove into the world they called Second Life.

There I was, standing in a place I never was before. "So.... this is it", I thought. "What's next?" I didn't have a clue on what to do!!! Lucky for me I got in touch with a nice looking female avatar who was willing to show me the way. "What are you looking for on Second Life?", she asked me. New as I was, i responded with: "Dunno, what is here to be found?" After some talking I asked her to take me to a place where I could here some nice music and meet nice people. She took me to Sanctuary Rock, since I told her the music I like is music filled with guitar noises!

When we got there, it hit me... The media was right! It is addictive! It is fun! Even when I was wearing shitty n00b clothes, I felt welcome! People got to talk to me, a live DJ even played tunes I asked for and I really was having a great time!

Since that day, a lot has happened to me on Second Life. Got me a good job, got me a nice ánd sexy lady, man, I got me a very good Second Life! Up untill now I am proud to say: "I am a resident of Second Life!" Never to leave it again. Not even 1 second of doubt on that!

maandag 24 november 2008

Introducing: Ozark trying to blog....

"Omigod, what´s this! Ozark Hax starting his own blog???? I hear you thinking: Isn´t bugging us with his crazy, freaky tunes enough? Does he really have to use all kinds of media to drag us along into his twisted brainwaves?

Well, as hard as this question might like, the answer is quite simple. Yes, he does, so start getting used to it! Every change I see, I´m gonna use to get to you. From now on you won´t be safe no more!

Not that that´s a bad thing though. Try to look here every once and a while, and perhaps you will be surprised by whats gonna be up here somehow.

I promise to put up more. About what happens in Second Life, the funny things, the not-so-good things, about up comming events, you name it! Perhaps you yourself will be mentioned someday, it´s all up to you!"