dinsdag 30 december 2008

The "Colosseum Of Rock"

Like I say in my DJ schedule right here on my blog, I sometimes decide to just hijack the stream at a place called "The Colosseum Of Rock". Well, yesterday was one of those days. And why? well, let me explain. This Xmas I got me, finally a Nintendo Wii! Of course the day after Xmas I ran to the store to get me "Guitar Hero World Tour. Since then, I'm addicted. I'm even that much addicted to that sertain game, I had to have the complete sondtrack of that game. Yes, call me odd, call me strange, call me anything you want, I'm sure whatever you call me, it's right on the spot.

So... I got me the soundtrack, put it on my MP3 player, and enjoyed all those wonderful tunes whenever I had time, wherever I was. At work, in my car, laying in a nice warm bath, I just could'nt get enough of all those great guitar tunes.

Then came yesterday. I got home from work and, strange, I didn't feel the urge to play the game anymore. But still I had all those kickass tunes, so, what should I do....

My mind was made up pretty soon. I had to share those tunes with others. And the best way bto do that was,of course, to get inworld, hijack the C.O.R.-stream, call over my friends, tell them to bring their air guitars and have a Rockin' time all together! And rockin' it was!

Here is a pic of Maxxius Sternberg, one of the owners of "The Colosseum" and me battling it of with our own guitars and guitar playing moves!

And how about this one: Zaza Beaumont, the other owner of "The Colosseum and me giving away a good show playing the air guitar!

And that's just what I so like about "The Colosseum", nothing in the world, RL or SL, is to strange to put up there. When you read this and it makes you wonder. Get your ass over inworld and visit that club. I promise you you won't regret.

Can't find the damn place? Just IM me and i hook you up with a landmark or even invite you to the clubs group!

zondag 28 december 2008

Omigod... scary times @ Freakheim!

Yes, scary it was, my set december 27th.... And I did it all by myself. As you could have read in my last post, Guen and I decided to split up after some real good months together. Things just didn't work out the way we both thought they should...

Well guess what.... Christmas time really seems to be a time of thinking things over, and so did I. After some good thinking, helped by some amounts of alcohol, I thought "wait.... this isn't right...." We promissed to be there for eachother in good AND bad times! We should have given the bad feelings more of a fight!

So I decided to do just that. I decided to take a chance. Either I was about to make a big fool of myself, or I was about to be one of the true romantic guys in Second Life! I was about to...... ask Guen to get back together!

Noooo, not just using a simple IM, but on air, through the microphone, during my set at FREAKHEIM! The same place as where we had our wedding party!

So, yesterday I got it all planned. I got my tunes right, got an audience and..... Guen was there too! Of course I had me some beers to get in the right mood, and of course I got me more on stand-by for if Guen should turn me down.

Well, those stand-by beers, I'm having now! Didn't need them yesterday! Guen sad YES!!!!

So I think you all can imagine how I'm feeling now... This year Chistmas rocked!

Guen.... Let's face our demons, beat them and have the time of our lives....

I'm up for it!!!

woensdag 24 december 2008

Sometimes love goes strange ways.....

Christmas time. Sometimes a very emotional time. Yeah, I've heard people saying that before, but I never had anything to with it.... untill this year. My god, emotional it was, and still is. Some of you might have heard of it in the last few days already, might have been wondering if it was really true even...... Yes, it is true. Guen and I, the couple that always looked as happy as can be, did splitt up on 12-22-2008.

"Why?" I hear you thinking... Well let me tell you. As you may know already, Guen and I both are quite busy people, In RL, but certainly when we are inworld too. Guen has her shops, her DJ sets, and I didn't sit still either. I got my own DJing going on. Then Guen took the possition of manager over at Sanctuary Rock, and I decided to help out a new club, The "Colosseum Of Rock", with getting on the map.

This way time to spend together got even less then it already was! And believe me, it already was a hard thing to find some quality time for just the 2 of us, even without these 2 new commitements. And living 7 timezones away from eachother didn't help a bit too, of course.

Breaking up was hard to do... We both know it's probably the right thing to do, but with the love still in our systems, it was hard to give in to reason. I know, probably we should have tried to fight for it, but then again.... we already started to drift away from eachother some time ago.

I don't want you to think we left eachother with angry feelings, cause that's certainly not true. I still feel for Guen, and she does for me. It's just that love has strange ways sometimes. Sometimes you just gotta let someone go to show how deep the love is.

Guen, dear, hun, just know you will be missed big time. Thanks for all the good times we had, thanks for all the good memories.

Don't let this be a total ending though, don't hasitate to contact me. I know we still can have lots of fun, even when it's gonna be on another level from now on.

Please... don't stop rocking my world..... I won't stop shaking yours aswell...

vrijdag 12 december 2008

Important notification....

Here´s what I want you all to do:

You ladies, reach down in your handbags and find that little agenda and look for december 20th. Use some tipex to get rid of the barber´s appointment probably on that day (it´s gotta be there, it´s the last saturday before X-mas....), and write down this:

"December 20th, 12 - 5 PM SLT, make sure to get to FREAKHEIM!"

Why, you wonder? Cause that day will be our "Freakin' Xmas Party"!!!!

We're gonna have a DJ Battle, crazy hourly contests with huge prizes, mystery gifts & more!! And, of course, the BEST music in SL!! You don't want to miss this bash, it's guaranteed Freakiness!!

The DJ battle will last for 5 whole hours, make sure not to miss any minute of it...

And all you boys, I know we don´t ever use agendas, so either you tell your wife to write it down for you, whitch would result on her knowing where you will be that day.... or you think of another way to not forget this crazy, freakin´ feast!

donderdag 11 december 2008

The Darker Days...

It´s almost that time of the year again. Time to get closer to eachother, they say. Time to think about how good life is. Time to reflect. Time to think over what a year it was. Yes, it´s december. Short days, long nights.

And then it hits you. The darkness. Making you feel all sad. That´s when the remedy kicks in. X-mas!

Yes! Let´s put on some candles! Let´s set up a tree! Let´s drink hot Choco! Let´s eat as much as we can! Feel joyfull! Feel connected to eachother! Hell, let´s have a ball, for Gods sake! Man, it feels good.. The feeling lasts right into the new year, with fireworks and all… And then….




Two more months of darkness, with nothing planned to cheer you up again. That´s what I hate about X-mas.. It won´t last long enough…