donderdag 22 januari 2009

Looking back to go forward

Sometimes to go forward you have to take time standing still. Standing still, overthinking past and present. Well, this looks like a good moment to do just that.

While overthinking the past, the most important thing happened would, of course, be Guen and I breaking up once again. I know, aftergetting back together during that event at Freakheim I wrote about earlier, Guen and I both promised to do our best to make it work again, to fix all things causing the first break-up. I can tell you that during the time we were a couple again we honestly both tried, but somehow it still didn’t work out the way we both hoped it would work out. I can’t stress out enough that breaking up for the second time was a mutual decision. We both had serious doubts weather we would be able to meet the future we both were hoping for.
I also have to tell you all we parted ways, promising to keep on being good friends. To be honest, I can’t think of another way then that. My memories of our partnership are way to good to be spoiled by stupid drama.

Guen, you still are special to me, although in a different way then before. I know I will think back frequently and I know those memories will put a smile on my face every time I do just that. I’m glad to have you as a friend, don’t you hazitate to send me an IM just when you feel like it.

Another thing to stand still with is that club. “The Colosseum Of Rock!” I think it’s on the right track. Slowly more people seem to find their way to that wonderful place. This really is a big achievement to all the boys and girls of the C.O.R.-staff!Boys, girls, keep on rockin’ and make this place feel like home even more.
You gotta know I love you all, not just for your efforts, but also for being yourself! ‘cause that’s what “The Colosseum” is all about. A place you can be yourself, nothing more, nothing less. We take you the way you are........