dinsdag 17 maart 2009

The Times They Are A-Changin'

Yes, I needed a change. After two years of playing my tunes at still one of the best places in Second Life, I decided to take another route. I had been thinking about it for quite some time, weighting all pros and cons, but in the end it led to me quitting my job as a DJ at Sanctuary Rock. This Thursday will be the last set I will be paying there. I’m aiming 4 a memorable one, though, since, well, it’s not just quitting a job, it’s quitting at the place where it all began. On my first day in Second Life, I was taken to Sanctuary Rock. I was taken by just some stranger I asked where I could hear some kickass, rockin’ tunes. The lady I asked just took me to the right place immediately! From that moment on I was hooked, hooked to that wonderful place. In like two months I applied for the job as a DJ there, and…. Somehow I got it. I have to say I only could do this with the help of two persons that still are special to me. Rohan Ayres and Marvel Kit. Those two guys really helped me out with the software needed to DJ in the first place! Thanks a lot, guys, I still owe you for just that.

Two years…. My god…. That’s quite some time. It wasn’t an easy decision to quit, I can tell you that! All those memories, al those people I got to know at Sanctuary Rock. To many to name them all, but those I’m talking about know I’m talking about them. Guys, girls, don’t think with me quitting my job at Sanctuary Rock you finally got rid of me. No.. I will keep on bugging you any chance I got! You can count on that!

So… does this mean I won’t be throwing my tunes into the world of Second Life anymore? Of course not.. I will keep on terrorizing your ears. Only from a different place right now. I was asked to come play at yet another great place and yes, I couldn’t resist. The place is called CrusFX. Come see the place for yourself when you’re inworld. I think it won’t disappoint you any bit. It rocks! And of course, I will keep on playing at that other two clubs as well. I didn’t quit my job at Freakheim Funeral Home and the Colosseum Of Rock. So plenty of possibilities to still got freaked out by those weirdass tunes I do like to play so much….

See you inworld!!!!!