woensdag 18 februari 2009

~"When Worlds Collide"~

"When our two worlds collided, it gave us something divine.... Something special, something to hold on to, something to wake up with wearing a smile, something to go to bed with still wearing that same smile, and all in between was just perfect. It makes us stronger by the day."

vrijdag 6 februari 2009

There is sunshine ahead!

There is sunshine ahead. Yes, sunshine, and in several different ways even...

1. Winter has gone is his last few weeks. After winter it will be spring, followed by summer. Of course you all know that. But with the fact spring and summer are upon us, we can trust on getting more sunshine! Not that I dislike winter, no, not at all, but to be honest, I've had it with those cold, cold days and nights by now. Bring on the sun! I'm ready for it.....

2. And with the temperature going up, my mood will get a boost aswell. Not that I'm all grumpy during those dark and cold days in winter, but yes, I do feel better when there is sun in my life. When there is sun in my life I feel capable of taking on more then usually. I start to get more energy, and see more fun in whatever I do.

3. Speaking of sunshine, I will have a special event at "The Colosseum of Rock" that probably will catch both the two things I wrote about above. I will play only tunes that will get the temperature to rise, and that will do miracles on your mood! Just tunes with 'rays of sunlight' in them. Think Manu Chao, Noir Desir, Air, Mau Mau, Ozomatli, etc, etc, etc. I hope to see a lot of close friends during that event. It will take place at monday feb. 9 (1.30 - 3.30 pm SLT).
4. More sunshine would be someone I got in touch with. I know it's still early, but I gotta tell you this: I'm having a good time with her. We take it by the day, and see what the future brings us. Up untill now, I'm looking at the future wearing a real big smile.

There, after these few points, it's time to take a drink. Cheers! Cheers on the sun!